Kweekkas idee

Perfecte omgeving voor de zaadjes en makkelijk op te bergen in de winter. De bekertjes kunnen we vervangen met gevouwen gazettenpapier of toiletrolletjes, die kunnen we dan mee verplanten in de groentenbedden.





Start your seeds in biodegradable pots that can go directly into the ground — no transplant shock. You can grow dozens or even hundreds of new plants to fill your yard and garden with great flavors and bright color for the cost of just a few packets of seed. And you don’t even need to pay for seed trays or planting pots. Grab a few sections of newspaper out of the recycling bin, and in just a few minutes, you can turn them into perfect containers for starting seeds.

Materials Needed:

  • one sheet of newspaper (each roughly 22″ x 12″) for each pot you want to make
  • one 10- to 15-oz. can
  • moistened seed-starting medium
  • waterproof tray

Sow Seeds

Plant a seed or two in each pot, then gather all the pots onto a tray and water.

When you’re ready to plant the seedlings, dig a hole deep enough to bury the pot so the rim is below the soil surface; exposed newspaper could help wick water away from the plant. (If needed, tear off a bit of the rim so it doesn’t stick up into the air.) In moist soil, the roots will quickly grow through the paper sides of the pot.

Spared the shock of being shaken out of a plastic pot at planting time, your seedlings will get off to a strong start, and you’ll soon be enjoying an abundant harvest.


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